Apply for funding

Only students who are not affiliated with TEA-IS member countries can apply for funding.

Students affiliated with institutions in TEA-IS member countries do not pay the registration fee and their expenditures during the Summer School will be partially reimbursed (see section "TEA-IS reimbursement" in the Registration and Fee tab). Consequently, application for funding only concerns non TEA-IS students.

Non-TEA-IS students typically do not receive funding to attend the summer school. However, we will try to grant a limited number of mobility awards to non-TEA-IS students. Priority will be given to low-income countries and scientific quality of the submission.

To apply for funding, please send an email to the Local Organizing Committee ( with the subject: "Apply for funding". In the email, please write your affiliation, the title of your contribution along with a short abstract, and shortly describe your PhD or postdoc topic and why you are interested in the TEA-IS Summer School (1 page max.).

Please note that the application deadline is February 22, 2014.

After February 22, all applying students will receive an email informing them about the result of the selection process and, if selected, the amount of money attributed. Typically the amount granted will be in the range of €500 and the selected students should not expect the funding to cover all their expenditures.